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Indoor and Outdoor Bleacher Inspections, Service & Repair

Providing comprehensive indoor and outdoor bleacher inspections and services since 1969.

Paddock Bleacher Inspections

The national standards for bleacher inspections, alterations, maintenance and repairs was revised in 2017 and published by the International Code Council as ICC 300-2017. For our purpose, the specific information relating to existing gymnasium bleachers and outdoor grandstand installations is outlined in Chapter 5 of that document.

  • Bleacher inspection and maintenance are required annually.
  • A permanent tag or plaque shall be installed in a visible location to document annual compliance.
  • A record of the inspections shall be maintained by the owner or the owner’s representative.
  • The plaque shall include the name of the bleacher inspector and the date of the inspection, along with additional information about the bleachers such as manufacturer and seating capacity.

We can complete a comprehensive visual inspection of your indoor and outdoor bleacher installations.  Each bleacher inspection report will include the following.

1.) A photo library identifying the bleachers; with a written description of problem areas and code deficiencies identified.

2.) Itemized quotations to repair/maintain/service your bleachers.

3.) Certificate/Plaque the inspections were completed.

Following our inspection, we will advise you immediately if any additional cost is required for cable, safety straps, winch, motor repair or replacement, backboards, rims etc. No work will be performed without your authorization.

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