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Bleacher Buddy

Gymnasium Bleacher: Portable Power Assist

The Portable Power Assisted Bleacher Buddy

For over 30 years E.T. Paddock Enterprises has been making the Bleacher Buddy power assist for one job in mind; to extend and stack manually operated bleachers. We build the Bleacher Buddy to move telescoping bleachers sections, in and out up to 30 rows high. It comes with a powerful Ā½ horse power, split phase gear motor, delivering 31 RPM, 800 pounds of torque and draws 8.3 amps. For increase floor traction, we designed the Bleacher Buddy with a unique platform for the operator to stand on. The Bleacher Buddy easily attaches to almost any telescoping bleacher make and model*. It ships boxed common carrier and once delivered; sets up in minutes.


  1. Plug in the included 100-foot extension cord into any 110-volt outlet
  2. Attach the Bleacher Buddy to your telescoping bleacher
  3. Set the toggle switch for forward or reverse
  4. Hit the start button

Now one person can easily and safely extend and stack your manually operated bleachers.

* Some older bleacher makes will require additional attachment brackets.