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Power Operated Bleachers

Retro-fit friction power operation for indoor telescoping gymnasium bleachers

Power Operated Gymnasium Bleachers

Are your bleachers manually operated? Do your bleachers struggle to pullout out all the way or fully close? Are your bleachers damaging your gym floor? It might be time for new power operation. For over 35 years E.T. Paddock Enterprises has been manufacturing retro-fit friction power operation for indoor telescoping bleachers. New power operation will enhance bleacher safety, prolong the life of the bleachers and reduce both short-term and long-term maintenance requirements. With automatic power operation the bleachers can be set up or stored in just a few minutes; requiring only one person to do the work. Activities can be planned or changed at a moment’s notice

Power operation is efficient, relatively inexpensive and can retrofit with any older telescoping bleacher designs. Any telescoping bleacher bank can be connected and operate as a single unit, with the push of a button.

All our power units have floor traction features and each motor assembly is spring mounted to insure continuous floor traction during use. Each power operation unit can compensate for uneven floor variations up to 1/2”. We offer both ¼ horse and ½ horse power units for either single phase or three phase power. Our power units are designed to open and close any size bleacher installation, with either a 2 axle or 4 axle design. Consult Paddock Bleachers for the best power operation system and layout to best suit your bleacher needs.

Electrical service availability:
110 volts, ¼ HP 4.8 Amps per unit. 208 volts, ½ HP 1.8 Amps per unit.

Model PK-962
2-axles, 6 transaction wheels (bleacher installations up to 15 rows high)

Model PK-964
4-axles, 12 traction wheels (bleacher installations 15 rows and higher)