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Basketball Backstops Safety Straps & Winch’s

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AUT-O-LOC 3rd Generation Safety Strap Device

Patented in 2017, Introducing The New Aut-O-Loc 3

  • New 3rd generation patented design in 2017
  • Multi point drum support increases strength and sets the standard for backstop fall safety
  • Patented Secure-LocTM locks three multidirectional pawls permanently when equipment falls are caught.
  • Integrated fall indicator lets you know the unit has caught a load
  • Integrated pivot mount significantly reduces point load forces on structure during a fall
  • Belt guide system reduces belt wear and increases capacity

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Time For a New AUT-O-LOC?

LynRus recommends replacing your Aut-O-Loc after 15 years of use.

If you have a 1st Generation Aut-O-Loc (1988) installed it’s time for an upgrade to the 3rd Generation Aut-O-Loc (2017)

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QR4 Electric Winch

The most convenient way to raise and lower your gymnasium equipment.

The LynRus QR4 Electric Winch is designed with time-tested materials and technology to provide a state-of-the-art winch for a lifetime of faithful, uninterrupted service. Up and down, day after day, this winch is easy to operate, offers a low-profile design, and even has an optional remote control. But take a look under the hood and you’ll find metal gears, a tension roller for correct cable tracking and 50 years of experience working for you.

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M1000 Manual Winch

The most powerful and economical winch for any gymnasium.

With this workhorse, being budget-conscience doesn’t mean you have to compromise your winch’s capacity for getting the heavy jobs done. Since 1952. our same fundamental design has been raising and lowering backstops in gyms without fail. Today, our M1000 Manual Winch is cast, built, and tested to meet the needs of your gym for the next fifty years. The materials are stronger. The grooved drum is larger. The life of the cable is extended. And the 1,000 1b. load is greater. But the reliability and consistency remain the same.

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