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Gymnasium Dividers, Curtains, Wall Pads & Scholastic Multi-Sport System

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Gymnasium Court Dividers, Curtains & Boundaries

Gymnasium divider curtains allow facilities to maximize gym space for multiple games and multi-sport activities. The 4030 Roll-Up Curtain provides an appealing cable-free design for facilities concerned with ceiling height clearance.

Curtain rolls effortlessly on the bottom batten with no cables, providing a wrinkle-free surface when in storage position

Gymnasium Protective Wall Mats & Padding

Provide safe wall surfaces for your facility with standard neoprene wall padding. The 4130 wall series measures as a 2′ x 6′ x 2″ segment which can be multiplied to cover the wall surface. Neoprene foam is independently tested to meet ASTM E84 just like the vinyl covering, but we go a step further and test this foam assembled to the board and covered in the vinyl to meet your class A fire rating and impact needs. Pads can be customized with color and graphic options.

  • Fire retardant foam is manufactured with a Class A rating and will pass even the most stringent local fire codes
  • 2″ thick foam pad covered in 14-oz vinyl is 6′ tall and 2′ wide with a 1″ nailing lip on top and bottom
  • Custom sizes and alternative attachment options available

School Gymansium Multi-Sport System

Spike and block yourself to victory with the RALLYLINE Scholastic Multi-Sport System. The 6000 one-court system features 3 1/2″ padded aluminum uprights are ready for a variety of net sports including volleyball, badminton, pickleball and tennis. Our competition net, sideline markers and antennas are easily set by sliding collar and pin-lock mechanism intergrated into upright to athlete play level and tightening handled winch. The 3 1/2″ floor sleeves and coverplates minimize floor damage and provide optimal stability for the premium system.

  • Economical aluminum system designed for multi-sport use and recreational play
  • Easy glide slide collars and adjustable foot pads allow for easy and precise net height adjustment