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Basketball Backstop Inspections, Service & Repair

Providing comprehensive basketball backstop inspections and services since 1969.

Paddock 10 Point Inspection

We provide schools and other organizations basketball backstop inspections and service with our comprehensive 10-point step inspection.

1. Tighten all hardware.

2. Replace any missing attachment hardware.

3. Inspect all cabling for damage.

4. Align vertical support posts and columns.

5. Inspect all welded connections.

6. Secure all wall and ceiling connections.

7. Remove excessive lubricants and grease.

8. Lubricate all moving parts.

9. Test and adjust limit switches (if applicable).

10. Check all backboard and rim connections.

Following our inspection, we will advise you immediately if any additional cost is required for cable, safety straps, winch, motor repair or replacement, backboards, rims etc. No work will be performed without your authorization.

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